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The YOUTH FOR CHANGE Toolbox is designed to bridge the digital skills gap among young people in Europe, with a specific focus on empowering youth leaders through a practical and transferable toolkit for digital storytelling for social change.

Empowering Youth and Youth Leaders

The YOUTH FOR CHANGE Toolbox aims to empower youth leaders and young individuals with the knowledge and tools needed for digital storytelling for social change. These tools will empower youth to create innovative digital storytelling using different skills and approaches e.g., animated graphics, image design, video production and curation, writing and text creation, social media integration and many more.

Powerful Learning Opportunities

This Toolbox is designed to close the gap in digital skills among young people hindering their participation and contribution to digital storytelling. They will be able to build on their potential of digital storytelling combining tech, digital and social media platforms for social good. Provides opportunities for youth to acquire storytelling skills, including critical analysis of information, development of powerful storytelling techniques, and enhancement of overall digital literacy.

Intended Users (not limited to)

The Toolbox is intended to be used by European youth, youth leaders, youth educators and wider communities and youth support organisations. For wider European accessibility it is available in English, Lithuanian, Italian, and French.

Tool Features

Each Tool has its own section highlighting its technological features, step by step guidelines and videos on optimal usage and examples of best practice installation and usage and further support resources.
All Tools have been carefully selected with a focus on ease of use, affordability (free) and easy access ensuring accessibility for a diverse audience.
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