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Empowering Europe's Youth through Digital Storytelling for Social Change

Harness the power of digital narratives to drive social change with the YOUTH 4 CHANGE Non-formal Learning Resource Pack. Our video-based training toolkit is designed for youth leaders to deliver impactful learning experiences in informal settings. Engage, learn, and create with our peer-led resources.

About the Resource Pack

The YOUTH 4 CHANGE Non-formal Learning Resource Pack equips young people with the DIGICOMP competencies and storytelling skills necessary to craft and share digital stories that advocate for change. Through interactive video lessons, we make learning accessible, enjoyable, and engaging.

Learning Topics

Storytelling for Social Change:

Learn the power of narrative to influence and inspire action.

Types of Digital Stories:

Explore the written, visual, and audio facets of digital storytelling.

Creating and Sharing Your Social Change Story:

A guide to crafting your message and amplifying it across platforms.

Storytelling Techniques:

Master the craft with tools and methods for compelling storytelling.

Our Educational Approach

We believe in the flexibility of learning. Each topic is an interactive journey that learners can navigate at their own pace. 

Although progressing through all topics is encouraged, the content is modular, allowing for a personalized educational experience. Youth educators can seamlessly integrate these resources into their programs.

Join the Movement

Get started on your journey towards creating impactful digital stories for social change. Access the YOUTH 4 CHANGE Non-formal Learning Resource Pack today.
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