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My Social Boutique's Carousel Maker is an intuitive tool designed for creating engaging and visually appealing carousels for social media. It's particularly useful for businesses and influencers looking to showcase a series of images or concepts in a seamless, scrollable format. The Carousel Maker offers a straightforward way to design and customise carousels, providing options for layouts, background colours, text fonts, and more. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even those new to graphic design can produce professional-looking carousels to enhance their social media presence.

Tool Categories

Fact checking
Writing/scripting/text creation/editing/proofing
Audio creation/editing/recording
Graphic/image design creation
Animated graphic/image design creation
Photography – tools to take and edit.
Video – shoot/edit videos.

What Makes My Social Boutique a Great Storytelling Tool

My Social Boutique, specifically its Instagram Grid Maker, is a robust storytelling tool that brings a new dimension to visual narratives, particularly for the Youth4Change project. What sets this tool apart is its focus on creating visually stunning and cohesive Instagram grids, a feature often overlooked by other graphic design platforms. The Grid Maker is intuitive and easy to use, making it suitable even for beginners, yet it also offers enough depth to cater to more advanced users.

For the Youth4Change project, My Social Boutique's Instagram Grid Maker provides an opportunity to craft a powerful, interconnected visual narrative on Instagram. This tool can help youth activists create impactful Instagram profiles where each post is part of a larger story, thereby driving engagement and spreading their messages more effectively. The organised, grid-based approach to storytelling can encourage critical thinking and planning among young participants, as they'll need to consider how each individual post fits into the broader narrative.

One of the highlights of My Social Boutique is that it doesn't just allow you to create visually appealing posts; it also enables you to view and plan how these posts will look as a collective whole on your Instagram profile. This macro perspective on storytelling is invaluable, allowing for a more strategic and impactful approach to promoting social change.

The tool's functionality extends beyond grid planning to include a suite of editing tools. Users can customise images, add text, and manipulate various elements to ensure each post aligns with their story. In this way, My Social Boutique's Instagram Grid Maker is not only a tool for creating and planning individual Instagram posts but also a comprehensive platform for managing and enhancing your entire Instagram presence. This aspect is particularly helpful for the Youth4Change project, as it fosters creativity while also promoting a strategic approach to social media engagement.

Example Use My Social Boutique Grid Maker to Create a Storyboard

With My Social Boutique's Instagram Grid Maker, you can easily generate and visualise your Instagram grid layout. The tool is designed to help you plan your social media content effectively, so you can create a cohesive and visually appealing Instagram profile. This is especially useful if you are curating content that tells a story or represents a specific theme.

The Elements of an Instagram Grid:

  • Grid cells: Each cell represents a post on your Instagram profile.
  • Images to fill the cells: Each cell can be filled with the visual content you plan to post.
  • Captions to support the visuals: Add captions to each post for additional context, dialogue, and text.


Step by Step How to Use Instagram Grid Maker:

  • Open My Social Boutique's Instagram Grid Maker.
  • Upload your images or use the available templates for quick and easy content creation.
  • Arrange your images in the grid, considering how each post will interact with the others on your Instagram profile.
  • Customise your content: Alter the arrangement of your images, add text or other elements to enhance the visual story you're telling.
  • Preview your Instagram profile's overall appearance before finalising your posts.
  • Publish directly to Instagram or download your designs for future use.

Learn More About My Social Boutique Grid Maker

My Social Boutique's Instagram Grid Maker is a flexible and intuitive tool designed for easy creation of eye-catching Instagram grid layouts. With its user-friendly interface and an array of customisable options, it helps social media enthusiasts and marketers elevate their Instagram aesthetics and engage their audience more effectively.

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Want to Give My Social Boutique Grid Maker a Try

Starting with My Social Boutique's Instagram Grid Maker is an effortless process. You can begin straight away on your desktop by navigating to the website, with no need to log in or create an account initially. However, creating an account will allow you to save your designs and layouts, so it is recommended if you plan on using the tool frequently.

The Instagram Grid Maker is web-based, so there's no need to download anything, and it works seamlessly across different platforms. To begin using the tool, simply upload your chosen images, and start organising them within the grid according to your desired aesthetic or theme. There's also an array of pre-existing templates available that can inspire your designs and ease your creative process.

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