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Wix is a powerful but really easy-to-use affordable website builder offering complete storytelling and promotional solutions using website business features to advanced SEO and marketing tools–enabling anyone to create and grow their profile, story or company online.

WIX Website

Tool Categories

Writing/text creation/editing/proofing
Audio creation/editing/recording
Basic graphic/image design creation
Animated graphic/image design creation
Photography – tools to take and edit.
Video – shoot/edit videos.
Advanced graphic/image design, e.g., 3D illustrations
Interactive tools/motion sensors/proximity detectors
Video game creation
360° photo/video creation
3D virtual reality
Mobile augmented reality
Smart augmented reality
Mixed reality
Website/Content Development/Sales/Promotion/Blogs/Video

Learn More About Wix

Wix is one of the leading website creation platforms trusted by millions of users around the world, helping them to build, manage, and grow their online presence—all from one place. Wix also has the capability to showcase everything you need regarding your video content on your site. Upload your own videos (up to 15 GB per file). Organise your videos into channels or display standalone videos. Easily share to and from social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Choose from 800+ website templates that are strategically designed for success, personalise any site with intuitive website design tools, and use the logo maker to create a memorable brand. Launch a custom app, start, and scale an eCommerce store, and use integrated marketing and SEO solutions to reach and retain new audiences. With fully managed infrastructure and enterprise-grade protection, every Wix website is secure, reliable, and engineered to support limitless growth.

Wix YouTube Channel

What is Wix? A Simple Introduction

What Makes Wix a Great Storytelling Tool

When you create a website for FREE using their website builder, everything is there to build your story and brand and story the way you want. Use their tailor-made, customisable templates and 1000s of design features to help bring your vision and story to life. You can also add your own code for total design control. Bring more people to your site and convert visitors with a wide range of built-in eCommerce and business solutions like SEO and marketing tools. You also always have the support you need with 24/7 customer care. Over 220 million people worldwide are using Wix today.

  1. Is it easy to build a website? Wix uses ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), which essentially helps you build your website and story for you. If you want more design freedom, choose from hundreds of templates or even start from scratch and drag and drop the website design features you need in the Wix Editor.
  2. It’s FREE, and you don’t need to know how to ‘code’. The free Wix website builder is intuitive to use. You don’t need a website expert or know code, and you can do it all yourself. In the Wix Editor, you can drag and drop any feature you want and customise it to match the look and feel of your site. Of course, if you do know how to code, you can add advanced functionality to your site with Velo.
  3. It offers loads of varied content suitable for storytelling. Get a headstart on your journey with 900+ free, customisable website templates strategically researched and tailored for all types of customers and companies — or start from a blank canvas on their website builder. You can start writing your story, sell, start a blog, organise events, build your community and easily create a website built with SEO in mind so it can grow with you. It is also accessible to everyone with built-in accessibility tools.
  1. Distribute your content easily with its complete SEO solution, AI-driven FB & IG Ads, email campaigns, social posts and more. Capture leads, get reports and insights, automate your profile or business, and more from your desktop or on the go from your phone with the WixOwner app. Everything is synced for a seamless management experience.

Example How to Use Wix to add videos to your website

Don’t underestimate the power of storytelling through video content. Everywhere you turn on the internet, it’s evident that video is KING – it’s the most viral form of social media content, it helps websites rank higher on Google, and it can even add some more street cred to your blog. When done right, videos are an amazing way to captivate your audience and tell your brand’s story. Like a virtual assistant, they can work wonders to move your site-viewers along through your website and story.

Not sure if you have the gear or time to offer a compelling video? Thanks to smartphones, you can develop compelling, powerful videos. Choose from either uploading your work straight from a computer or using ones that you have already published on Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube – including live streams and 360 videos! In either case, your content will be displayed in a stunning gallery which you can easily personalise to fit the design of your website. Wix Video uses adaptive streaming to showcase your videos in the best quality available on the internet. The result will look great on every device – desktop and mobile alike.

Cherry on the cake? Wix Video does not only enable you to upload single clips; it gives you the possibility to create channels your visitors can subscribe to. Give your fans a heads-up every time you update your channel with a new piece of content by instantly sending an email or blog, or newsletter. This way, they’re sure not to miss one single episode of their new favourite video or story.

Compatible with YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. You can add video clips in two different ways. The first is by adding the URL of any YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook video. The other – and this is the big change – is by uploading your files straight from your desktop. All formats are acceptable, and you can store up to 100GB with the free plan.

  • bonus: You can also showcase your YouTube and Facebook 360 videos and live streams right on your website, too!
  • Added bonus: Don’t forget to add a short trailer to tease your audience. This can be one that you created yourself or an automatically generated 20-sec clip – yes, Wix Video knows how to do that too.

Grow a vibrant community. The Wix Video app also offers a very convenient “sign up to watch” option. This helpful pop-up gives you the possibility to request your visitors’ emails before they enjoy the videos on your site – even if you’re offering your content for free. By adding an email sign-up, you’ll collect tons of valuable email addresses to grow your community – and later convert those viewers into clients. Moreover, every new subscriber will automatically appear on your contact list. This means that you’ll be able to contact them or even chat with them through Wix Engage – the perfect way to grow your community and raise its loyalty.

Unlimited access to your statistics. Wix Video has a robust backend that gives access to all of your video’s stats: views, social shares, revenue generated and more. You’ll know everything, day after day. With that kind of intel, you’ll be able to constantly improve your creations, your display methods and promote your work to a bigger audience.

Teach and inform your audience. If you have something to teach or tell or inform your audience, this template is for you. Let your audience know about your latest lesson by posting regular videos on your website. For tutorials and online courses – Watch & Learn.

Video Portfolio adds to your video a stunning portfolio or profile template and lets your clips do the talking for you. For videographers – Video Portfolio

Publish, Share, Subscribe. Your videos are ready to roll! People are now able to watch your works, share them on their social networks with a simple click, or even subscribe to your channel.

Wix Tutorial Video 2023 (Full Tutorial for Beginners) - Create A Professional Website


0:00 Intro

0:50 Creating an account

5:39 Understanding the Editor

6:45 Mobile view

7:40 Adding a favicon

9:58 Toolbar, grid lines, and layers

12:00 Managing pages (add, rename, reorder, etc.)

18:30 Page background

21:30 Editing Strips & Content Editing text Adding links Editing images Repositioning Changing strip background Wix default images Video backgrounds Animations and transitions Wix buttons Adding radius and customising buttons

37:15 Adding an anchor

39:18 Choosing a plan

41:30 Getting a domain

44:00 Editing header and footer

47:17 Adding apps

50:30 SEO, dashboard, and general website settings

Want to Give Wix a Try

Click on the ‘Get Started button on the top of this page

Follow these six simple steps to create a website today.

  1. ​Sign up for a free website builder. Choose what kind of website you want to create.
  2. ​Customize a template or get a website made for you. Choose your starting point.
  3. Drag and drop 1000s of design features. Add text, galleries, videos, vector art and more.
  4. ​Get ready for action. Add an online store, booking system, members area and blog.
  5. Publish your website and go live. Start building your professional online presence.
  6. Drive traffic to your site by developing content, videos and stories. Use advanced SEO tools and integrated marketing solutions.
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