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Momentum is the YOUTH 4 CHANGE Irish partner and is a specialist youth training organization with a particular interest in inciting social change and innovation impact because of previous youth work and projects in Ireland. They have strong digital storytelling expertise garnered from EU Stories an Erasmus+ project using storytelling to enhance the cultural diversity of European regions. Given this experience, MMS are part of the development team of the YOUTH 4 CHANGE Technology Toolkit.

YOUTH 4 CHANGE Technology Toolkit

The YOUTH 4 CHANGE Technology Toolkit investigates, trials, and tests at least,
20 of the best low-cost or no-cost tools and platforms for storytelling for social change. The toolkit will be a practical resource for youth leaders across Europe. It will build young people’s digital and analytical skills and their knowledge of the tech for good movement.

Expected Impact of YOUTH 4 CHANGE Momentum and Irish Regions

YOUTH 4 CHANGE will assist Momentum to deliver essential added value to their comprehensive experience of working with youth leaders and educators. It will help them to improve the quality and impact of social innovation and storytelling training for youth. Their extensive Erasmus+ experience has shown that the impact and sustainability of social change-oriented projects continue to improve educational systems and youth-driven structures. It is not just about the quality of the concept, or a simple knowledge transfer, but the way it is delivered and packaged to create attitudinal and behavioral change that is the power of YOUTH 4 CHANGE, the secret lies in the power of storytelling. YOUTH 4 CHANGE will actively help deliver best practice examples and new, exciting ways of delivering high-quality training to the youth sector through storytelling.

Impact on Irish Youth

YOUTH 4 CHANGE will deliver and communicate practical opportunities for Irish youth currently employed, unemployed, or under-employed through the provision of training and opportunities in social innovation and enterprising skills which will provide a route to business creation (inc social enterprise), self-employment, and financial empowerment. They will also develop entrepreneurial thinking which will develop their resilience in all spheres, personal and professional.

Check Out the Irish YOUTH 4 CHANGE Storytelling Ambassadors

Zak Moradi, Ireland

Zak Moradi, is an Irish hurling player & book author. He uses sports to produce stories about inclusion and draws inspiration from his refugee background. He advocates that social media is important in social change, it can bring democracy. ‘It can be used for positive things, and we must be careful about the negative sides. Refugees need to be in the stories. We must be included in positive stories that are producing peace and equality, and narratives’.

Click on the link to hear more

More Information on sports against racism:

Con Bartels, Ireland

Con Bartels speaks about the Green Roots Project. He is passionate about innovative social change and sustainability for young people. Click on the link as he tells his story about sustainability. He explains about tying social media content to promote actions. He also talks about tying stories about the land, community, heritage, ancestry, and the sense of pride that evolves telling a story that produces social change and motivates people towards sustainable approaches.

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More Information on Green Roots Project

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