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Simplified is a content marketing tool designed to streamline and optimise content creation and distribution. With its user-friendly interface, Simplified allows marketers to efficiently plan, create, and schedule content across various platforms. The tool offers a range of features, such as content calendars, collaboration tools, and analytics, enabling teams to work together seamlessly and measure the performance of their content. Simplified empowers businesses to enhance their content marketing strategies, save time, and effectively engage with their target audience.


Tool Categories

Fact checking
Writing/scripting/text creation/editing/proofing
Audio creation/editing/recording
Graphic/image design creation
Animated graphic/image design creation
Photography – tools to take and edit.
Video – shoot/edit videos.

What makes Simplified a great storytelling tool

What is Special About This Tool?

Simplified's ability to streamline the entire content creation process is what sets it apart from a storytelling perspective. With intuitive features like content calendars and collaboration tools, it facilitates seamless planning and ideation, making storytelling a more cohesive and engaging experience. Simplified empowers creators to focus on the heart of their narratives, enabling them to craft compelling stories that resonate with their audience.

Why We Chose it?

Simplified stood out due to its remarkable capacity to produce various content formats. Whether it's articles, videos, or social media posts, Simplified's versatility allows us to adapt our storytelling across different platforms. This ensures that our stories reach a wider audience and make a meaningful impact, enriching the storytelling experience for both creators and consumers.

How Can it be Used in the Context of Youth 4 Change?

In the context of the "Youth4Change" project, Simplified emerges as a valuable asset to create stories about youth social change makers. Its user-friendly interface and collaborative features facilitate the gathering of ideas and insights, bringing to light the inspiring journeys of these young changemakers. By producing compelling content across various formats, Simplified enables us to share their stories effectively, inspiring others to take action and support positive social change.

Example Use Simplified to Create a Content Storytelling

Simplified offers a powerful platform for effective storytelling, empowering users to plan content using content calendars to outline their story's structure and timeline. Collaboration with team members enables gathering ideas and insights to create engaging narratives. Users can craft compelling content by utilising the tool's features and strategically scheduling its distribution to reach their target audience. Additionally, Simplified provides analytics to measure the impact of the content and make data-driven improvements for continuous enhancement.

Step By Step How to Plan Storytelling Content:

  • Content planning: use Simplified's content calendars to map out the story's structure and plan publication dates;
  • Collaborate and brainstorm: engage with team members through Simplified's collaboration tools to gather diverse ideas;
  • Writing and editing: create compelling content using the platform's writing features and review it collaboratively;
  • Visual elements: incorporate visuals and multimedia using Simplified to enhance the storytelling experience;
  • Schedule and automate: Utilise Simplified's scheduling feature to automate content distribution across platforms;
  • Monitor analytics: measure content performance through Simplified's analytics to refine and improve future storytelling;
  • Engage with audience: respond to feedback and interact with the audience to strengthen connections;
  • Iterate and improve: continuously analyse results and make data-driven improvements for more impactful storytelling.

Learn More About Simplified

Want to Give Simplified a Try

Create an account on their website or install the application if available. Familiarise yourself with the platform's user interface and features. Read introductory guides or tutorials to understand how to use it effectively. Explore the platform's capabilities and benefits. Sign in to your account and start using "Simplified" for its intended purpose. Experiment with different features to see how they can enhance your workflow. Seek help from their support or community if you encounter any issues.

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