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TikTok is a social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering short videos on any topic. The platform allows users to get creative with their content using filters, stickers, voiceovers, sound effects, and background music. According to the latest TikTok stats, the app has been installed 3 billion times. Creators on the platform are getting extremely creative with their content, putting together funny sketches, inspiring stories and informative videos. Entertainment and dance continue to be the most popular types of videos on TikTok. But you can also find plenty of educational content covering topics ranging from health to investing.

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Writing/text creation/editing/proofing
Audio creation/editing/recording/voice over/duet
Basic graphic/image design creation
Animated graphic/image design creation
Photography – tools to take and edit.
Video – shoot/edit videos/discover/share/streaming.
Advanced graphic/image design e.g., 3D, illustrations
Interactive tools/motion sensors/proximity detectors
Video game creation
360° photo/video creation
3D virtual reality
Mobile augmented reality
Smart augmented reality
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Learn More About TikTok

Tik Tok essentially allows for easy content creation, sharing, and viewing. The TikTok app has simplified video creation and sharing and taken it to the next level. All users have to do is record anything and everything from their daily routines and post it instantly. Due to the short format, neither the video creation nor the watching process takes much time or effort. Additionally, this short-form video content is played as soon as a user opens the app. The videos start playing one-by-one and a viewer gets lost in a sea of fun, entertaining, addictive video content. TikTok offers plenty of features that make video creation super easy. It comes with a bunch of filters, stickers, effects, sound effects, and songs that users can easily incorporate into their videos. Duet and Stitch features also enable users to easily collaborate with each other or create content based on other users’ videos.

Even with the viral trends and challenges, users can easily tap on the audio used in the video and create their own content with it. This makes it extremely easy for users to participate in challenges or follow a new trend or engage in a new or inspiring story. The easier it is to jump in on a trend, the more popular that trend will become. As those trends transcend to other social media platforms, they can draw in new users to the platform.

Tik Tok Explained on YouTube

How to Use TikTok - 2023 Beginners Tutorial


What Makes TikTok a Great Storytelling Tool

Storytelling has always been an important part of success on TikTok. But as the platform gets more popular and more content is created, resulting in more competition to get onto the For You page, your storytelling becomes that much more important. In fact, storytelling takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to TikTok.

In TikTok, storytelling includes everything from the copy you use in your caption, to the background for your videos, to the movements and words expressed in the video. Storytelling is an experience for the viewers. On most social media platforms, storytelling is important because it builds trust with your audience and sets up your authority. This still holds true on TikTok, with the exception that storytelling on TikTok makes the video more memorable.

The platform also continues to grow in terms of features and capabilities. TikTok videos allow up to 10 minutes and will soon be set to compete with long-form video platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Additionally, TikTok also has several influential creators and storytellers who gained popularity primarily through the platform. These creators and storytellers have managed to attract millions of followers, helping to further drive the platform’s popularity. Like most other apps and social networks, users can follow other users, like and comment on other users’ videos. Teens can send emojis to their favourite singer on TikTok.

Key Features of TikTok

Now another pressing question you may have is–what can you do with TikTok? What features does the platform boast that make it such a popular choice among social media users? Let’s take a look at some of the key features and capabilities of TikTok.

Creating Entertaining and Informative Content With entertainment being the number one reason people use TikTok, your brand can stand out if it pushes out highly entertaining content that resonates with their audience. They can also share informative content to help educate their audience in a way that aligns with the platform’s content format.

Video Recording and Uploading The most basic and obvious feature is the ability to record videos right on the app. You can also upload existing videos from your camera roll. Having the flexibility to either record or upload your video gives users more creative freedom.

Video Editing TikTok comes with robust editing tools that allow users to get as creative as they want with their videos. This includes the basics such as cropping and flipping videos as well as rotating the videos or changing their playback speed.

Filters and Effects One of the best parts about the platform is the abundance of filters and effects that you can play with. Beyond beauty filters that allow for airbrushed perfection, it also offers fun stickers and animations that can make your video pop. This includes AR filters that let you change your facial features or add different elements to your video. You can even find a green screen effect that lets you add any background you want to your videos.

TikTok Sounds Another popular aspect of the app is the vast collection of sounds. It offers plenty of popular and classic songs that you can add as background music to your videos. You can also add sound effects that give more substance to your content.

Voiceover One cool feature about TikTok is that it lets you record voiceovers for your videos. That way, you can add a narration to your pre-recorded video and get your message across more effectively. 

Live Video Streaming TikTok also allows users to stream live videos where creators and their followers can interact in real-time. Users can even send Gifts to creators while they stream live videos. 

Duet This feature lets users create a Duet video with another user’s content. The two videos will play at the same time, which means users can actually sing together or perform dances and other stunts together.

Stitch With this feature, users can Stitch their video with another user’s video. Unlike with Duet, a Stitched video will play after the original video that they Stitched it with. This is a great way for users to add commentary, follow instructions, react to another creator’s video, or answer questions.

Video Reply Another useful feature is the ability to create a video responding to a specific comment. With this feature, the comment will be highlighted as an overlay in your video. This is a great way to answer questions, clear up any doubts, follow your audience’s requests, or share your opinions.

Launch Hashtag Challenges

TikTok users love a challenge. That’s why so many dance challenges became viral on the platform. Tap into this interest by launching a branded hashtag challenge that will help you generate tons of user-generated content and gain visibility on the platform.

Partner with Influential Creators and Storytellers

A common way for brands to market on TikTok is to partner with influential creators and storytellers on the platform. You could get them to promote your hashtag challenge, review your products, Duet or Stitch with you, or feature your brand in their content.

Example Use TikTok to Post a Story

On social media, the concept of sharing stories has gained mass adoption. It has proven useful for brands and creators on Instagram to determine the level of interest in a topic or increase traffic. In TikTok, storytelling includes everything from the copy you use in your caption, to the background for your videos, to the movements and words expressed in the video. Storytelling is an experience for the viewers.

How to Post Stories on TikTok

TikTok now has a Stories feature, allowing you to post photos and videos that will disappear after 24 hours. Watch this tutorial to learn how to use TikTok Stories! #TikTokStories #TikTokTutorial

  1. To post a Story on TikTok, tap the plus sign at the bottom to open the TikTok camera.
  2. Then select Quick at the bottom. Here, you can upload a photo or video from your device, or you can snap a new one. Above the shutter button, you can select either Photo or Video. You can use the same effects and filters you normally use when recording TikTok videos. You can also add music or other sounds.
  3. Tap the shutter button if you’re taking a photo, or hold it down to take a video. Add sounds, text, filters, stickers, and effects if you’d like.
  4. Tap Post to Story to share this as a Story post that will disappear after 24 hours.
  5. If you’ve changed your mind and want to share it as a normal TikTok, tap Next to go to the standard Post screen instead.
  6. Story posts will appear in your followers feeds the same way your regular TikTok videos do. People can like and comment on them as normal as well.
  7. On your profile, your story will appear in the top left corner for easy access.
  8. TikTok stories will automatically disappear 24 hours after posting.

As mentioned earlier, TikTok Stories are the app’s answer to the popular “Stories” feature on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. They will not appear on a scrolling bar at the top of your screen as on other platforms; rather, they will be interspersed throughout the rest of your For You Page (FYP) or the following page.

On your FYP, in addition to seeing TikTok Stories, people can comment publicly and like them. It is not typically possible on other platforms since user interactions and answers are typically kept private from other users.

These public interactions provide a new channel via which creators and companies may communicate with and respond to the people who follow them. The FYP on TikTok offers content hand-picked by TikTok’s algorithm to provide users with feeds that are one-of-a-kind and customised to their preferences.  Because of this, you or your brand should reconsider the target audience and the objectives of your TikTok Stories.

To get you started, here are a few questions to consider.

SocialPilot schedules TikTok Uploads. TikTok stories can be scheduled to upload automatically with the help of SocialPilot. As a result, it gives you the time you need to develop more material while enabling you to maintain the consistency of your uploads. The best chance of getting genuine TikTok followers is to post often and frequently on your account.

TikTok stories are already being given access to a wider audience, providing users with a new opportunity to interact with their community. This new feature can help you discover what works, establish a good strategy, and level up your content. Your success on TikTok will ultimately be determined by your ability to use these features like this to attract the curiosity of your followers.,you%20are%20good%20to%20go.

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All About TikTok Storytelling

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Want to Give TikTok’s Storytelling Projects a Try

TikTok is totally free to sign up and all you have to do is make an account by downloading the TikTok app from the App or Google Play Store. Once it's installed, open the app and swipe up to explore your feed. After reviewing the Terms & Conditions, tap the profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Make an account using either a phone number or email. Alternatively, you can sign up using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google.

On Android, open the Google Play Store. Enter "TikTok" in the search bar. Tap "Install" or download here

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