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Mission Marketing, How Young People In Ireland and Reaching Hearts and Minds

Irish Young People are using Mission Marketing to Reach the Hearts and Minds of their customers, users and communities. Check out YOUTH FOR CHANGE Resources where you will learn how young people from Ireland and across Europe have used the power of digital storytelling and mission marketing to impact and advance their projects. Learn the skills they used and what they considered when developing some of the most motivating and engaging stories. You will learn the technologies that are available to tell your stories and bring your brand to life.

Story telling is a powerful tool for inspiring action and change and influencing people.

With the acceleration of digital technology and the world moving quicker than ever and people more connected than ever to stories and information. Storytelling marketing is one of the most powerful ways to communicate impactful digital social innovation projects.

Social innovation stories are the stories people crave to hear, the encouraging positivity of change in the right direction, doing ‘social good’ for everyone concerned and having positive impact on the world leading us into the future are the stories people want to hear.

Why is Storytelling Important?

Storytelling Brings Brands and Social Innovation Ideas to Life!

Storytelling is critical especially when you are telling a story about people. Stories are part of who we are. They should describe how your company came about, the reason it exists and where you want to go in the future.

One example of brand storytelling that helps support a company’s product is Warby Parker’s “How Warby Parker Glasses Are Made.” The video follows a pair of glasses from the beginning stages of design to the final stage of production.

Stories Help People Connect with You Emotionally!

  • ‘Storytelling allows your audience to get to know you and the ‘social good’ you are doing, by putting a real face, voice and person to the story’
  • ‘Storytelling allows you to connect with people on how something feels in comparison to others. Therefore, connecting people through human feeling and emotion’
  • ‘Storytelling is a great way for two completely different people to be able to relate to each other for the first time on the same level’.

Young Social Innovators - Ireland Awards 2022

The Young Social Innovators of the Year Ireland Awards 2022 took place on 12th May. Virgin Media's Zara King along with Dayl Cronin were joined by special guests to celebrate thousands of young people who created social change in their communities in 21/22 and to find out who would be awarded the coveted Young Social Innovators of the Year 2022 award.

The Young Social Innovators of the year Awards challenges students from all over the country to tackle social issues within their own communities, on subjects as diverse as farm safety to mental health. We were joined by three students from three of the winning schools this morning, Eoghan Courtney from Largy College, Clones, Aoife Dardis from St. Joseph's College Lucan and Caitlin Guinan from Tullamore College.

Over 130,000 young people across Ireland have tackled some of the world's largest social issues. Here are just some of their stories.

Where YOUTH FOR CHANGE comes in!

YOUTH FOR CHANGE will upskill youth leaders empowering them with new knowledge and practical training resources to help young people put technology and digital stories to good use. Our goal is to empower young people (15-24 years) to become active, empowered digital citizens capable of advancing strong social change missions online.

While technology is a great enabler, the current over and quite often misuse of technology by young people has been proven to be detrimental to their emotional wellbeing, mental and physical health, and many other areas of life. Despite increasing efforts and many projects to warn young people of the potential damaging effect of technology and social media, we have yet to see the issue systemically improve.

Despite their prolific use of technology and social media, the EU Digital Education Action Plan tells us that in 2019, a fifth of young persons in Europe reported not to have basic digital skills. The Plan highlights digital literacy as an essential for everyday life, but it also reports that more than 40% of young people consider that critical thinking, media and democracy are not ‘taught sufficiently’ in school. It is clear therefore, that more needs to be done in this space and that highlighting the negative effects is not enough.

YOUTH FOR CHANGE seeks to change the dynamic by engaging young people in the non-formal learning opportunities which build on their existing interest in social media platforms like Snapchat, TikTok.

Author - Laura Magan, Momentum Educate & Innovate

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